Let's learn from each other and together. 



Intellectual Curiosity

We are building a community in pursuit of intellectual curiosity to understand, learn and share. 

We know that change is inevitable. The change is at the heart of existence. However, the pace of change has reached a whole new level today. This made it difficult to adapt to the dynamics of our age. Moreover, as Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau said, "The pace of change has never been so fast, and yet, it will never be this slow again."


Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem

 We have turned to the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Ecosystem to get up to date, acquire exponential thinking skills and gain agility. Through closed session visits/meetings/talks within the ecosystem, we experience various innovations on site, learn new ways of doing business, and have the opportunity to collaborate with startups. We consider mentoring, advisory board membership and co-investment opportunities in order to support startups. One sparkle is enough, we believe. 


Network Effect

 We aim to increase the interaction between the Ecosystem and the private sector and between the participating institutions and individuals. We are aware that the Ecosystem is a whole with private sector organizations. We also come together as often as possible to protect this wholeness, we learn from each other and together. We incubate the sparks that may come out of us together and feed them by spreading. As Paulo Coelho stated, "There are no shortcuts to places worth going." 

Our supporters


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